DealerX’s Behavioral Paid Search if offered as both a managed & self service platform.

Optimize your dealership’s PPC Campaigns by eliminating word combinations which aren’t relevant to the sales funnel using – Negative Keywords. Continually curating what is known as “Negative keywords”. Negative keywords or phrases, are those that you would not want your business to be found for when people are using a search engine. (EXAMPLE Honda: “Generator” would be a negative keyword for someone who is shopping for a Honda Accord). Ultimately driving visitors to targeted landing pages (not a generic one-size fits all page like the homepage). Contributing to the highest possible conversions, dominating your local competitors while reducing overall paid search spends.

Highest Possible Quality Scores

The constant refining of our Paid Search strategies as well as the the never ending curation and optimization of your Dealership’s campaigns enables our Conquest Pay Per Click product to generate the highest possible Quality Scores driving premium ad placement coupled with the dominant share of relevant searches in your market.

Bid management

Our near-real-time management of bids and budgets, updates your business’s campaigns via the Google API every 30 minutes. Campaign revisions based on near-real-time data helps you maximize as well as reduce the cost of each click and more importantly the cost of conversion. Continual optimization against your business’s fixed PPC budget ensures that every dollar is being spent accurately and efficiently.

We Are In A Mobile First World.

Mobile advertising and optimization is at the core of our strategy and treated separately from other devices. Avoiding the “one size fits all” approach that most of the legacy providers currently employ while leveraging responsive ad units.

New, Used/Certified Cars Strategy

When marketing your vehicles we leverage a 3-prong strategy.

  • In-Brand Repetitive Vehicle or Services “IBRI”
  • Dynamic Off-Brand Comparison/Competitive Inventory
  • “[Vehicle] For Sale In” or “Brand [Service] Near Me”

In-Brand Repetitive inventory “feed” powers the offerings which are consistently related to your business. EXAMPLE, A CDJR dealer stocks New, Used & Certified Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Ram vehicles. Our “IBRI” strategy runs ads that are continually updated to reflect the year ranges, count, price or payment range of the inventory your dealership offers:

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