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Credit Card Authorization Form for DealerX Partners, llc
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I hereby authorize DealerX Partners, LLC. to charge my credit card the monthly fees agreed to in this agreement coupled with any increase requested via email correspondences, which will be added to the services requested at the time of account signup. As detailed herein, clients may increase both services and the amount spends via email notification. These email increase are binding and increase the minimum amount to be charged in any final month of service. I agree that this is a recurring charge, which is made according to this signed agreement and follows the detailed billing cycle, and I understand the policy and process of termination of services as defined above. I agree that under no circumstances will I individually or on behalf of my business/entity/ dispute the DealerX Partners, LLC. recurring billing charges with my credit card issuer for services contracted herein. ​Data fees: In addition to the 20% Platform Management Fee, DealerX ​may earn​ additional fees from spreads generated by data-segment arbitrage by buying CPM charged data at an aggregated cost which at times may be less than the combined media and data segment charges estimated in the fixed eCPM outlined in your agreement.

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