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Cherry Hill Kia Targeted Their Competitors Website Visitors & The Results Were Mind Blowing

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Cherry Hill Kia wanted to increase new & used car sales but felt they had maxed out all the available ways to efficiently conquest their local competitor dealerships. Paid Search costs were rising, the VDP based digital service they tried generated 1-second visitors and the increased expense from expanding direct mail coupled with local cable just couldn’t be justified. They decided to rely more heavily upon DealerX’s products and services.

DealerX had established relationship with many of the Foulke Management Stores after being chosen over Dealer.Com to effectively manage their extensive paid search and dynamic retargeting campaigns. DealerX’s next step was to exclusively target programmatically the “in-market” shoppers collected from local competitive Kia dealerships. Terminating the common practice of using Adwords to run banner ad placements on the Google Display Network.

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“With DealerX, We are able to use our competitors ad spends to our advantage.”

Bryan Lasater

Cherry Hill Kia

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Cherry Hill Kia started DealerX’s Conquest Retargeting offering in January 2015 and increased by 50% new & used car sales by May of 2016, while dramatically reducing the cost of conversion to sale. Not only did their cost to acquire in-market car shoppers improve markedly, but their lead to show ratio soared to over 50%

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The results:

Cherry Hill Kia experienced a targeted prospect to lead ratio of 37% using Conquest Retargeting with a targeted prospect to sale rate of 11% or just $91.00 per car sold!

The program was so successful that Foulke Management Group, who own franchises in the Southern NJ & Philadelphia markets expanded their use of Conquest Retargeting to CherryHill Mitsubishi, Mall Chevy and their Used Car Operation. All of which experienced similar results culminating in their monthly $pends exceeding 6-figures.

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Why was Conquest Retargeting so successful for the Cherry Hill Stores?

It started with DealerX acquiring the in-market shoppers sold by competitor’s website “piggyback” tags, chat and payment calculator providers. DealerX paid pennies on the dollar for the very same shoppers Cherry Hill’s local competition had spent 10’s of thousands of $ per month acquiring using TV, Radio, Direct Mail and Digital. DealerX verified each ID purchased from 3rd parties were in fact human as well as in-market. This was accomplished through continually analyzing each prospects browsing behavior in real-time. Once confirmed, DealerX appended additional data points from companies like Amex, Visa and Experian including credit score (range), household income and other key elements. DealerX merged the profiles with the devices associated to each consumer and built display ads which matched the vehicle the prospects browsed on Cherry Hill’s competitor websites. DealerX then targeted each prospect with a related Cherry Hill vehicle in real-time across their PC, Tablet & Mobile Device.

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