Conquest Email Retargeting®

Anonymous Email Retargeting

Conquest Email Retargeting by DealerX puts your inventory and your messaging in the inbox of someone who has browsed your website OR has had a high probability of having been on a local competitive dealer’s websites, targeting them with unique customized messages in real-time.

DealerX can assign* an internal “Anonymous ID” to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) which allows us to target anonymous website browsers with opt-in emails across the web.

*DealerX does NOT pass PII to client in compliance with all known State & Federal Laws

DealerX will send an email to identified shoppers (even though you don’t know who he or she is, or even their email address) with the inventory your dealership stocks which matched what that shopper browsed while on your competitor’s site.

DealerX will also email the anonymous shoppers on your site, keeping them informed of the latest relevant offers as indicated by their browsing behavior.

DealerX’s Conquest Email Retargeting isn’t limited to sales, and is especially powerful when targeting your competitor’s service customers with customized incentives to service with you!