Website & Landing Page Platform

Conversionary is our SEO ready, fully responsive WordPress powered website platform trusted by OEMs, Tier 3 Dealers and Ad groups alike. It is the most robust, fully featured website platform in the automotive vertical. It offers both the advantages of tens of thousands of WordPress developers worldwide and that of our own full stack automotive focused professionals.



Custom Offers for returning users Custom Offers for returning users

Dynamic Incentive Matching System Dynamic Incentive Matching System

BigData ready detailed event and conversion tracking BigData ready detailed event and conversion tracking.

Integrated Window Sticker generator Integrated Window Sticker generator

Specials, Coupons, Staff, Department Mgt System Specials, Coupons, Staff, Department Mgt System

Bootstrap Responsive Design Bootstrap Responsive Design (PC,Tablet, Phone)

SEO friendly Site-wide Schema Rich Snippets

Built in malicious Bot blocking Built in malicious “Bot” blocking

In addition to be a bleeding edge website platform, Conversionary can be leveraged as a specials & landing page builder in many of the OEM mandated provider websites; Dealer.Com, Cobalt, Ford Direct, Etc.

Flexible and easy to use

Want to promote a lease offer on a specific model and trim in your inventory? No problem! With just a few clicks you can create a landing page by selecting the model you want to promote from your inventory, add the details of your offer and viola! The special will now reflect across all models with similar trim and features.

Conversionary by DealerX

Conversionary has endless applications

Conversionary has endless applications

Effectively promote used car specials with different APR offers across different models years.

Personalize content for returning visitors

Personalize content for returning visitors based on their previous browsing behavior from both within your website and across the web

Custom Landing Pages

Build a landing page to match a direct mail piece

Build on the fly service specials

Works with any website provider

Works with any CRM

Is available in a fully responsive format

Can be used as a stand alone page or plug whatever you create directly in to your website

Pages and images are fully OEM compliant

Easy to use

Conversionary will work with any website provider or CRM, the pages created are fully responsive and are OEM compliant