Activate provides real-time notifications when your customers start shopping on & off-line.

Activate creates a household profile from your customers name, address and email. Appending digital identifiers to a modeled profile for the customers in your CRM or leads received. When a digital identifier shows your customer is shopping or looking at trade-in values on well known websites, active on your website or their movement data* indicates they’ve arrived at a competitor’s location, your BDC is immediately informed of the modeled profiles (part of a pool) which may match!

The FixedOps component of Activate provides real-time notifications to your BDC when your customers arrive at a competitor’s location* and have browsed service related content from across the web. Creating a digital profile which merges each customer’s movement* data to their online automotive intent together opening up a whole new channel of both sales and service prospects. Increase Retention while Spotting & Stopping Defection with Activate.

*DealerX does not compile or append location data to the anonymized profiles of California residents as location/movement data has been deemed sensitive information under CCPA.

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Know if your customers have started shopping for a new or used vehicle across all the well known automotive portals before they visit your Dealership’s website.
Know what your customers are looking to trade-in or maybe considering to buy based on their trade-in value searches.
Know what vehicles are in a shoppers’ consideration set.
Leverage “intent mining” by being informed when your customers have started shopping, the vehicles of interest and whether or not they’ve “valued” the vehicle they currently own or are leasing, coupled with the ability to upgrade to a complete set of equity mining tools.
Spot & Stop Defection by tracking the movement data of select customers in your CRM through data shared by select device based applications when they cross into competitor dealership’s or service centers*
Service Lane Intelligence – Informs your Dealership what the customer arriving in your service lane has browsed online relating to service coupons or content and even when they’ve expressed interest in potentially trading-in or selling their vehicle by having engaged trade-in valuation tools across the web! Turn more wrenches with data.
Start marketing to customers in your CRM/Database the minute they start shopping for cars or looking to service with automated DRIP campaigns
Automated DRIP Email with Selectable Templates (Per email charges apply)
Automated DRIP 1-to-1 Social & Display Advertising Campaigns (Plus Predefined Media Spend)
Automated DRIP 1-to-1 Video Across YouTube & Thousands Of OTT Channels Campaigns (Plus Predefined Media Spend)
Automated DRIP 1-to-1 Personalized Direct Mail (Per piece charges apply)

*Not all features are available in California. In California DealerX encrypts the identity of each customer using SHA256 email tied to a modeled profile. This SHA256 email tied to a modeled profile can be matched against your 1st party database from a “pool” in a privacy compliant manner. DealerX does not compile or append location data to the anonymized profiles of California residents as location/ movement data has been deemed sensitive information under CCPA.

DealerX is committed to privacy and the responsible use of information.

We strive to promote transparency by creating, publishing, and adhering to privacy policies across our products, services, and practices. We also continually strive to promote responsible use of personal information through the design of our products, ongoing monitoring and auditing, and information security safeguards.