Lifecycle Marketing By Activating Your Client Database

Behavioral Data Append to CRM

DealerX uploads your dealership’s offline, first-party data from your CRM or DMS in an effort to find your customers anywhere on the web. We find them by leveraging identifiers in the CRM data which include email addresses and postal addresses which are anonymized then matched with online identifiers/device IDs available through ad tech ecosystem.

Lifecycle of a Customer

Once audiences are matched across channels, DealerX creates in-market shopping segments and targets your customers in real-time on their PC, Tablet and/or Mobile Device with the offers their web browsing shows that they have shown interest in related to your products or services. We also email them the very same offer and if we have physical address we send a direct mail piece

How it Works

First we broad target offers to your client base across Facebook, Instagram & Google

We expand who we are targeting by purchasing all the known email addresses of owners of your brand in your geographic area

We also acquire the browsing behavior and UUID, Device ID of all the prospects we’ve decided to target

We use the captured info to confirm “in-market” behavior via their online browsing

We upload the filtered in-market email addresses as 1st party to FB, Instagram & Google and target them with more refined offers

We target these in-market shoppers on Google, FB & across the web leveraging Display Ads, Paid Search, eMail and even Direct Mail with the content their browsing behavior showed they expressed interest in.