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Powers Our Platform.

RoiQ® Is Badass

RoiQ centralizes every marketing medium with industry leading full path attribution across Web + App, driven by match rates often exceeding 80%. Surfacing in a privacy compliant manner valuable insights into what local customers have cross-shopped, are looking to trade-in and ultimately buy. Leveraging behavioral indicators not just from the vehicles in your inventory, but across many well known consumer Automotive portals.

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Activate for Sales

Provides real-time notifications when your customers from a privacy compliant pool start shopping on & off-line. Activate creates a holistic profile® appending digital identifiers to the customers in your CRM. When a digital identifier shows your customer is shopping on a portal, active on your website, a competitor's website or their movement data indicates they've arrived at a competitor's location, your BDC is immediately informed.

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DealerX is not just for dealers, it's Trusted Data-as-a-Service for enterprise. Some of the most well known companies in the world leverage our data blended from billions of real time events, across 100's of partners daily. Unstructured data becomes - structured and made ready for ML & AI applications. A graph-of-graphs with a fully documented data provenance. All as simple as choosing datasets across multiple industries from a well defined data dictionary delivered via API to an endpoint, cloud warehouse, data lake, wherever in standardized cadences.

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Activate for Fixed Ops

Leverages the same technology as the sales tool but for FixedOps. Activate for FixedOps provides real-time notifications to your BDC when your customers from a privacy compliant pool arrive at a competitor's location, have browsed service related content from those very same competitors' websites or across the web. Enabling your dealership to Increase Retention While Spotting & Stopping Defection.

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The consumer's journey is no longer a mystery.

Your customer's complete path to purchase - demystified.

John Customer


1122 Main St, Your Town, US 12345

Last Updated 3 days Ago | 12/12/2020

Vehicles of Interest

67% Chevrolet Silverado
17% Ford F 250
17% Nissan Sentra

Trade-In Searches

100% Nissan Sentra


Days Active: 42
Last Seen: 3 days ago
Dealer Website Visits: 0
Competitor Website Visits: 0
Portal Website Visits: 10
Trade Estimate Website Visits: 10
All Activity

Chevrolet Silverado

Sold | Feb 12 2022

Walk In

Feb 11 2022

Chevrolet Silverado

03:18:04 PM

Chevrolet Silverado

03:17:12 PM

Page View

Dealer Website | 03:15:49 PM


01:33:29 PM

3 cTV Impressions

ESPN | 11:52:41 AM, Campaign: Silverado Truck Month | Line Item: CTV Data

Fox News | 11:32:10 AM, Campaign: Silverado Truck Month | Line Item: CTV Data

Filmrise-Amazon | 09:46:12 AM, Campaign: Silverado Truck Month | Line Item: CTV Data

2 cVDPs

Chevrolet Silverado | Competitor Dealer Website | Hidden | 09:44:44 PM

Chevrolet Silverado | Competitor Dealer Website | Hidden | 10:03:51 PM

3 Impressions
07:19:20 PM
07:18:21 PM
07:07:54 PM

Ford F-150 - 1

Trade-in Website | 07:09:48 PM

Chevrolet Silverado - 1

Portal Website | 07:02:39 PM

2 Impressions
08:03:01 PM
08:01:27 PM

Chevrolet Silverado

06:29:33 PM

Chevrolet Silverado

06:17:24 PM

Chevrolet Silverado

07:05:57 PM

Profile Activated On Dec 03 2021

The profile view depicted here is not available to California dealerships. Profile PII is synced to an email address which is SHA256 Encrypted. This email hash becomes the identifier for the profile where event data inclusive of clicks & impressions is summarized. Further no location data is collected for California residents as it is deemed sensitive under CCPA I CPRA.

A true all-in-one marketing platform

Meta | Instagram, Google | Youtube, Microsoft, Tik-Tok, Programmatic Display & CTV - Targeted across every medium, tracked in Analytics coupled with industry leading Attribution to determine your ROI all in one place.

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CTV, OTT & In-Game - With An Industry First 1-to-1 Attribution [Customer To Video Played]. Only Offered By DealerX.

Know who watched your video, on what medium, channel and device. Right down to the show when your video played and what sales your CTV budget contributed to. All while engaging audiences interested in your offerings with personalized, streamlined & impactful messages.

Don't rely on last click. Know every vendor who contributed to a sale.

Compliment Google Analytics by filling in what it's missing: Path to purchase, In-app engagement, impression and bid data, view-through, attributed clicks & off-site conversions

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Activate - for sales & fixed ops.

Know when your customers from a privacy compliant pool start shopping or looking to service on and off-line. Increasing Sales and Customer Retention. All while spotting & stopping defection.

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Trusted Data-as-a-Service for enterprise.

100's of Marketing, Data & Cloud APIs Aggregated and Integrated In One Place
Privacy compliant hashed email correlated 1-to-1 to digital identifiers across every platform. Live Ramp, TradeDesk, Epsilon Experian UIDS and 100's more.
Blended Data From Billions of Real-Time Events Distilled Down to the Household.
Supply Path Optimization per profile in audience segments
Unstructured Data - Structured and Fitted for ML & AI Applications.
Context, Commonality & Identity
A Data Brick Where You Pick What Data Populates Your Endpoint or Application
Data provenance