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Transactional PPC

Our Transactional PPC product offers a clean, transactional and true approach to Paid Search that does not leverage your dealership name as a keyword, but rather focuses on what someone “in-market” for a new or pre-owned car would search across Google, Bing or Yahoo further refined by eliminating word combinations that are not relevant to the sales funnel.

Dynamic Retargeting

Our Dynamic Retargeting platform captures and segments visitors by what they viewed on your website in real-time. After a shopper’s initial visit, our platform builds a dynamic ad reflecting the content each person engaged with.

IE; VIN Specific New & Used cars, monthly specials and service coupons.


Conversionary is our SEO ready, fully responsive WordPress powered website platform trusted by OEMs, Tier 3 Dealers and Ad groups alike. It is the most robust, fully featured website platform in the automotive vertical and offers both the advantages of tens of thousands of WordPress developers worldwide and that of our own automotive focused professionals.


ConteXt℠ is our data-driven marketing platform that targets “in-market” shoppers who were on your competitor’s websites with your dealership’s similar vehicles in real-time on their PC, Tablet or Mobile Device.


DealerX uploads your dealership's offline, first-party data from your CRM or DMS in an effort to find your customers anywhere on the web. We find them by leveraging identifiers in the CRM data which include email addresses and postal addresses which are anonymized then matched with online identifiers/device IDs available through ad tech ecosystem.

The DealerX Video Targeting & Retargeting product is an advanced video advertising platform that eliminates the waste caused by fraudulent clicks and poor targeting options of other providers. Engaging video content is served to relevant in-market shoppers across multiple networks, with real-time reporting on impressions, clicks and play rates.

Conquest Service

Conquest Service takes detailed third party data of vehicle owners by make/model in your geographic area and reconciles against your DMS to exclude existing customers. This audience pool is then targeted across networks to boost your service and parts business. The audience pool is not static, but rather grows as more unique users are profiled and added.

VDP View

VDP View takes the guess work out of “digital marketing” by giving you a balanced mix of Paid Search, Data-Driven Display Ads & 3rd Party Popular automotive website traffic, directly to the Vehicle Display Pages & Specials in your website. VDP View eliminates the need for Ad Spend allocation across countless vendors while simplifying the whole process.


DealerX will draw a virtual “geo-fence” around competitive dealerships and serve ads to the mobile devices of sales or service customers while they are using select apps or browsing the web while waiting


The RioQ℠ analytics dashboard is in-depth, reporting real actions in real time, meaning you can see exactly who is doing what on your site. All sources are tracked, with custom reports displaying snapshots of site activity, conversions and trending history.


TrafficScore is a visual dashboard that displays your site's visitors in real time and rates each visitor by their quality. Each traffic source/vendor receives an aggregated score displaying their ratings in a simple view, allowing you to see quality on the fly and direct marketing dollars to the campaigns and vendors that are delivering the best quality traffic.

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