We are not for everyone

And that’s a good thing.

Dealerships, OEMs and Enterprise Customers Leverage DealerX To Sell & Service More Vehicles

In just a few short years, DealerX has grown to serve 1,000’s of Tier 3 dealerships (Directly & In-Directly) across all brands, enterprise partners and OEMs. Our keen approach to data, analytics, machine learning and programmatic initiatives have led DealerX to quickly become the most savvy player in the automotive space. DealerX has helped automotive retailers save 10’s of millions of dollars by avoiding fraud and eliminating wasteful adspends, while dramatically reducing “cost per sale”. In doing so, our partners significantly outperform those leveraging generic “one size fits all” competitive offerings.

How We Help Our Partners Succeed

Your Dealership will sell & service more vehicles for dramatically less $.

Those 12 words summarize the collective effort of our team, the core of our business. If you want to get technical, our engineers are continually focused on and solving problems around cutting edge identity resolution, expanding our “marketing operating system” and honing our extensive cloud proficiencies to make those 12 words a reality for each and every one of our partners. We don’t disappoint. Our team is where we excel. A team that manages a very professional business where we pick and choose the partners we work with.

DealerX is committed to privacy and the responsible use of information.

We strive to promote transparency by creating, publishing, and adhering to privacy policies across our products, services, and practices. We also continually strive to promote responsible use of personal information through the design of our products, ongoing monitoring and auditing, and information security safeguards.