Know When Customers In Your CRM Start Their Online Path To

Activate for sales alerts your Dealership when the customers in your CRM start shopping across AutoTrader, KBB, CarGurus,, Edmunds or any website*


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Notifications when your First Party Customer’s (from a privacy compliant pool) on and offline behavior indicates they have started shopping for or looking to trade a vehicle. Know what your customers are interested in right down to the Make, Model & Trim with a front row seat as they shop for their next car!

*Any website where an advertisement, or ad placement is sold programmatically

Get Activated!

Engage Your Customer

Know when your customers have started their path to purchase with alerts as they start browsing across relevant content (AutoTrader, CarGurus, KBB & Many more). You can even have your BDC alerted when customers arrive on your website, browsing your inventory anonymously or have walked into a competitor’s physical showroom. Giving your dealership the ability to turn your web presence into an interactive virtual showroom.

Details Matter

Imagine having the ability to understand your customer’s path towards buying a vehicle. Knowing what vehicles they’re considering or have cross-shopped. What they’re trading in and what value they’re expecting for their vehicle. Or how they’ve interacted with your brand during their journey from the ads they’ve viewed to their actual website visit and interactions. All summarized in one place in real-time. Forget solely relying on equity mining, which in a low inventory environment can be very difficult. Mine their intent giving your Dealership the ability to “craft a narrative” while leveraging a front row seat to each customer’s path to purchase.

Additional Activate Sales Strategies

Trade-in, Cross-Shopped & A Novel Approach To Lease Retention

Activate for sales enables you to know what your customers are looking to trade-in or maybe considering to buy based on their trade-in value searches. Imagine the power of knowing how much your customer expects for their trade, or to pay for a used vehicle that they’ve entered into a portal’s trade-in tool. That insight coupled with knowing what vehicles are being cross-shopped can better prepare your sales team to speak to the value of the vehicle in your inventory versus others in that shoppers consideration set.
High lease penetration markets don’t need to rely solely on equity mining tools which provide only half the picture. With Activate your Dealership has the power of “Intent Mining”. How does ActivateTM leverage intent to compliment equity mining? Simply onboard a list of customers whose leases are in equity and let ActivateTM inform if they’ve started shopping, the vehicles of interest and whether or not they’ve “valued” the vehicle they’re currently leasing.