Know When Local Shoppers & CRM Customers Begin Their Vehicle Buying or Selling Journey.

Activate™ for sales informs dealerships when customers, including CRM and local conquest shoppers, start exploring various automotive portals beyond the dealership’s own website. Alerts are sent when their on & offline behavior suggests they’re considering purchasing, servicing, or trading in a vehicle.

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Engage Your Customers and Conquest Shoppers

Receive alerts when your customers browse well-known automotive portals, engage with your website’s inventory, or have visited a competitors’ showroom. Empowering your dealership to create an interactive virtual showroom experience while they’re on your website.

Details Matter

Gain privacy-compliant insights into customers’ vehicle buying journey, including cross-shopping, trade-in expectations, and brand interactions. Access real-time data in one place to help your dealership craft personalized narratives and understand each customer’s path to purchase, moving beyond traditional equity mining.

Craft Effective Sales Strategies With Activate AI.

Activate for sales empowers dealerships to understand customers’ trade-in preferences and purchase considerations, including expected values and cross-shopped vehicles. This insight helps sales teams better communicate the value of their inventory. In high lease penetration markets, Activate provides privacy-compliant “Intent Mining” to complement equity mining, by onboarding a list of customers with leases in equity and informing the dealership of their shopping behavior, vehicle interests, and lease equity status.

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