We Showed You The Detailed Customer Profile

Now See An Actual Dealership’s Sales Match

Not only has the consumer’s journey been demystified.. Sales Match details every click, impression, view-thru & app interaction across all vendors that contributed to each vehicle sold.

Sales Match Overview

Simply upload your sold list, or import from your DMS via our API and DealerX instantly matches the people who have purchased to their corresponding digital identifiers. Leveraging our graph to establish the ROI of every marketing $ spent with each vendor, portal or medium.

Sales Match Profile View

Your customer’s complete path to purchase – demystified. The Profile View displays every website visited, app engaged with, click made, impression served, video watched and view-thru resulting in a lead.. enabling your dealership to know exactly what each shopper did before becoming your customer.

Learn what vehicles your anonymous website visitors actually bought if they didn’t buy from you.