DealerX’s Sales Match Demystifies The Consumer’s Journey.

Sales match provides a detailed account of every click, impression, view-through, and app interaction across all vendors that contributed to each vehicle sold. This helps businesses understand the impact of each marketing touchpoint on sales and to optimize their marketing strategies.

Sales Match Overview

DealerX’s sales match tool enables your Dealership to upload or import your sold data via our API to create a privacy-compliant pool of modeled profiles. These profiles are then matched against vehicle purchases using digital identifiers, determining the ROI of every marketing dollar spent with each vendor, portal, or medium. This helps your Dealership optimize its marketing strategies and improve their ROI.

Sales Match Profile View

DealerX’s ChatGPT summarized customer profiles demystifies the customer’s complete path to purchase by displaying almost every website visited, app engaged with, click made, impression served, video watched, and view-thru which resulted in a lead, and which leads converted to a sale. This helps dealerships understand what each shopper did before becoming a customer, in a privacy-compliant manner.

Anonymous Visitors To Vehicles Purchased

Another feature in the RoiQ Sales Match tool is the ability to provide your Dealership with which vehicles your anonymous website visitors eventually bought, even if they did not buy from the dealership. Enabling you to shift from sales to service marketing initiatives and so much more!

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