The latest features being leveraged in Activate


2. Service Lane Gamification

Miles Based Incentives

Incentivizing miles based vehicle service is the “gamification” of the service lane. By providing loss leader “common services” for vehicles which have certain mile ranges not only generates more wrenches turning (R/Os) but provides a new channel of used car acquisition and both New & Used vehicle sales. We will outline strategies we’ve implemented that have had a significant impact across a number of our clients.


3. Database Segmentation

Do you know the % of people who buy from you every month who are repeat customers? Those that bought from you that service with you? How about those who bought with you but service elsewhere? Proper database segmentation not only prioritizes your marketing initiatives but will save your dealership’s $10’s of thousands in marketing expense.


4. Used Car Acquisition Campaigns

We create “Native” ads that look like they are a part of the websites they are placed in. The same look and feel as KBB, CarGurus, Edmunds Autotrader & Cars.com. We then target the users we see on those sites as they are on they’re shopping while passing the behavior for each person to your CRM. The ads “look and feel” encourages people to value their trades on the dealer’s website, the same as they do so on those well known sites.


5. Micro-inventory Campaigns

Select vehicles have limited availability and pricing power across different markets. By analyzing the market inventory, time to turn and pricing power across various markets DealerX can determine which vehicles in your inventory will turn faster, at a higher gross than what they may sell for locally.


6. Confirmed Non-Dealership Purchases Appended To Lead Prospects In Your CRM & Re-segmented To Service

DealerX can now inform your dealership what vehicles the anonymous local shoppers on your website bought Year, Make, Model & Trim if they didn’t buy from you. This strategy not gives your Dealership intelligence around buyers who considered your brand cross-shopped, it reduces marketing waste and informs what prospects should be now moved from sales to service marketing.


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