Marketing, Attribution & Data Insights All In One Platform.

RoiQ centralizes marketing with 80%+ match rates to cohorts of customers .

Commonality based attribution by surfacing (in a cohort based, privacy compliant manner) valuable insights into what groups of local customers have cross-shopped, are looking to trade-in and ultimately buy. Leveraging behavioral indicators not just from the vehicles in your inventory, but across many well known consumer Automotive portals.

AI decisioned marketing with RoiQ across every medium.

Communicate your message to customers across Meta, Google/Youtube, Microsoft, Programmatic Display & CTV with our AI enhanced targeting. Every customer engagement is tracked, scored and measured in our RoiQ Analytics and attribution tool determining all your marketing’s ROI in one place.

CTV, Video & In-Game

With an industry first 1-to-1 Attribution.

Know the video and gaming content your customers are engaged with, inclusive of device. Know when your video played and what sales your CTV/Video budget contributed to, better informing your creative with, streamlined, personalized & impactful messages

AI created ads & videos across every medium in seconds.

Find your customers’ common web browsing path and engage them along the way.

Sync the identity of website visitors in a privacy compliant way to your database

And know if they have bought or serviced with you in the past.

Determine the vehicles being locally cross-shopped against your inventory.

What is measured is managed.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for analyzing website data, but it has many limitations. To complement its capabilities, businesses should also focus on tracking the path to purchase, in-app engagement, impression and bid data, view-through metrics, attributed clicks, and off-site conversions. These additional data points can provide a more comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and help optimize marketing strategies.

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