Know When Customers In Your CRM/Data Start Their Online Path To

A New Sales & Used Car Acquisition Channel

ActivateTM alerts you when the customers in your CRM start shopping across AutoTrader, KBB, CarGurus,, Edmunds or any website* which sells advertising – NOT JUST YOUR OWN DEALERSHIP WEBSITE. (That’s child’s play). Imagine watching your First Party, CRM provided customers when their behavior indicates they have started shopping for a new or used car! Having your BDC or Sales Team notified about what your customers are shopping for right down to the Make, Model & Trim. ActivateTM gives you a front row seat to your customers shopping for their next car!

*Any website where an advertisement, or ad placement is sold programmatically

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Trade-in, Cross-Shopped And A Novel Approach To Lease Retention

Know what your clients are looking to trade-in OR what they’re considering buying based on their trade-in value searches! Imagine knowing how much a customer expects for their trade or to pay for a vehicle they’ve entered into a trade in tool! Or simply knowing the cross-shopped vehicles to better help your Dealership speak to the value of the vehicle in your inventory versus other vehicles in your shoppers consideration set.

For Dealerships in high lease penetration markets, don’t simply rely on equity mining tools, add “Intent Mining” to get really powerful results. How does ActivateTM leverage intent to compliment equity mining? Simply onboard a list of those who’s leases are in equity and let ActivateTM tell you whether or not they’ve started shopping, what vehicles they’re considering and whether or not they’ve “valued” the vehicle they’re currently leasing on a trade-in tool like KBB.

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Service – Defense & Conquest

ActivateTM location intelligence and tracks the customers in your CRM through data shared by the apps on their phone(s). These apps provide the Lat/Long of the mobile devices they are installed on, how long they’ve been at a specific location, how often and much, much more.. The DealerX Activate™ Platform tracks the location data of each of the customers in your CRM, alerting your Dealership when a client has visited a competitive dealership or service center. Empowering your dealership to Spot & Stop Defection! But..ActivateTM also leverages location data to Conquest Service®. ActivateTM captures the mobile devices of people who have visited the local Dealerships and Service centers you have indicated you’d like to Conquest and then merges their movement data to their online browsing behavior giving your Dealership a whole new channel of both sales and service prospects.

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But Wait! There’s More..

The ActivateTM Suite

The Suite Of ActivateTM Products Plays Well with Others.

ActivateTM works with any CRM and has direct API integrations with some of the most popular which include CDK’s ELead Platform. Those direct CRM integrations have created their own workflow and action items but include much of what you see here:

20 Billion Events Daily
Funneled Down To An Individual Holistic View of the customer
Targeted With 1-To-1 Messaging in FB, Instagram, Google, Amazon, OTT & YouTube
Contextual + Behavioral Direct Mail & eMail
PC, Tablet & Mobile Device
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