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Conquest RetargetingTM


Your Dealership Inventory Targeted To Competitors Website Visitors In Real-Time

DealerX Conquest Retargeting platform is the answer to Google Adwords increasing costs and diminishing returns. First, we buy the “Anonymous IDs” and vehicle browsing data of the shoppers who have visited your competitors’ websites. Next, we target these IDs with display and video ads of your inventory matched to what they browsed while on your competitor’s website in real-time across thousands of websites, Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat on their PC, Tablet or Mobile Device.

The Conquest Retargeting Platform leverages “Conquest”, digitally, in every sense of the word. From Conquest Pay Per ClickTM to Conquest RetargetingTM our all encompassing Conquest ServiceTM leverages competitor ad spends to your dealership’s advantage.

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Conquest Video RetargetingTM

Programmatic Video Targeted To Competitors In-Market Shoppers

Let’s face it, video is the hottest and most engaging form of advertising! Now your Dealership can target its competitors actual website shoppers with the videos of vehicles in your inventory which matched what they viewed while shopping on competitor websites. Videos are served to shoppers on their PC, Tablet And/Or Mobile Device in Real-Time. Conquest RetargetingTM also retargets your website’s shoppers with dynamically built video ads in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin and 10’s of thousands of other sites. Here are some examples of Video Ad Placements with Conquest RetargetingTM.

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Analytics | Attribution

The RoiQ™ analytics dashboard is in-depth, reporting real actions in real time, meaning you can see exactly who is doing what on and off your site. All sources are tracked, with custom reports displaying snapshots of site activity, impressions/bids-cast, conversions and trending browsing history.

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Conquest PPCTM

Paid Search | Search Marketing | Transactionally Focused PPC

Our Transactionally focused Conquest PPC product offers a practical but “negative” approach to Paid Search, negative keywords that is. This approach doesn’t rely upon leveraging your dealership name as a keyword, but rather focuses on what someone “in-market” for a new or pre-owned car would search across Google, Bing or Yahoo. Further refined by eliminating word combinations that are not relevant to the sales funnel.

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Website & Landing Page Platform

ConversionaryTM is our SEO ready, fully responsive WordPress powered website platform trusted by OEMs, Tier 3 Dealers and Ad groups alike. It is the most robust, fully featured website platform in the automotive vertical. It offers both the advantages of tens of thousands of WordPress developers worldwide and that of our own full stack automotive focused professionals.

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