The Most Powerful Customer, Data, Marketing & AI Platform in Automotive

Effectively leverage data to build relationships with each customer so you're always a part of their journey.

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When did dealers become data scientists?

With DealerX's Data-fueled Generative AI the answer to that question will continue to be - Never.

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Summarize and make data actionable from everywhere, all at once, in one view

Centralized consumer privacy, data security and compliance for automotive

AI Made Actionable

Dealerships, OEMs and Enterprise Leverage DealerX Through Data, APIs & AI.

Spot & Stop service defection while conquesting competitors

AI Made Actionable

Activate your database and conquest with Generative AI marketing

AI Made Actionable

RoiQ AI summarizes key events along your customer journeys.

The consumer's journey is no longer a mystery.

Unlock your customer's privacy compliant path to purchase.

A true all-in-one marketing platform.

AI Made Actionable

AI Scored Profiles assigned dynamic $ values, targeted and tracked across every medium with the results summarized in one view by our AI powered Analytics & Attribution platform - RoiQ

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Real-time notifications

When customers and conquest shoppers that are part of a cohort start their online path to purchase.

Increase Sales and Customer Retention While Spotting & Stopping Defection with Activate.

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CTV, Video & In-Game

With an industry first, cohort based attribution.

Know the video and gaming content your customers are engaged with, inclusive of device. Know when your video played and what sales your CTV/Video budget contributed to, better informing your creative with, streamlined, personalized & impactful messages

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Don't rely on last click.

Know the vendors who contributed to each sale.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for analyzing website data, but it has many limitations. Fill in the gaps with detailed In-app engagement, impression view-through and off-site conversions with RoiQ's sales match.

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