Know When Local Shoppers Or Customers In Your CRM Start Their Online Path For

Leverages the same technology as the sales tool but for Fixed Ops. Activate for Fixed Ops provides real-time notifications to your BDC when your customers or local conquest service prospects arrive at a competitor’s location* (from a privacy compliant “pool” of anonymized profiles).

Activate is subject to state and federal privacy laws. Please read our privacy policy carefully and Opt Out Links provided here.

Notifications when local conquest service prospects or your customers – on & offline behavior indicates they are looking to service their vehicle. Increase retention while Spotting & Stopping Defection with Activate for Fixed Ops*.
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Spot & Stop Defection*

Know when your customers have last serviced at a competitor’s location* (from a privacy compliant “pool” of anonymized profiles) or are browsing service related content across the web. Providing your dealership with the ability to Spot & Stop Defection. Protecting the lifetime value and trust your Dealership worked so hard to earn.

Service Lane Intelligence*

Activate™ provides your Dealership a holistic view of almost every local customer’s path to servicing their vehicle. Know the content people have engaged with, whether it is service coupons on your website or are researching the causes of a “check engine light” across the web. Activate For Fixed Ops provides you with the data your dealership needs to turn more wrenches.

Activate Strategies For Fixed Ops

Activate location intelligence tracks the movement data of the customers in your CRM* through data shared by select apps on their phones.
How? Apps provide the Lat/Long of the mobile devices they are installed on, how often and long they’ve been at a specific location and much more. Activate™ for Fixed Ops can track the location data of each of the opt-in customers in your CRM through Apps and select advertising partners. Alerting your Dealership when your customer has visited a competitive dealership or service center (from a privacy compliant “pool” of anonymized profiles). Empowering you to spot & stop defection! **
Activate also leverages the very same location data to Conquest Service®. Dealers select the local dealerships and service centers they view as competitors then Activate captures the movement data of many of those shoppers who serviced at those defined locations. Merging their movement data to their online browsing behavior creating audiences populated with Conquest Service profiles your Dealership now has as a whole new channel of both sales and service prospects.

*Not all features are available in California, Virginia (or anywhere prohibited by law). In California, Virginia (or anywhere prohibited by law), DealerX encrypts the identity of each customer using SHA256 email tied to a modeled profile. This SHA256 email tied to a modeled profile can be matched against your 1st party database from a “pool” in a privacy compliant manner. DealerX does not compile or append location data to the anonymized profiles of California, Virginia (or anywhere prohibited by law) residents as location/ movement data has been deemed sensitive information under CCPA.

**Outside California, Virginia (or anywhere prohibited by law) DealerX only monitors locations defined by the Dealership of competitive, in-vertical businesses.

DealerX is committed to privacy and the responsible use of information.

We strive to promote transparency by creating, publishing, and adhering to privacy policies across our products, services, and practices. We also continually strive to promote responsible use of personal information through the design of our products, ongoing monitoring and auditing, and information security safeguards.