DealerX‘s data engine drives engagement with automotive shoppers across multiple devices & mediums.

Creating custom tailored experiences after analyzing the context and keywords of the URLs browsed, matching each consumer to the vehicles of interest in your inventory. Enabling your brand to engage seamlessly with future brand ambassadors through targeted, omni-channel communication across every medium. Removing all barriers by not focusing on anyone medium, but rather across those which matter to your customers.

ActivateTM | Activate+TM

Sales & Fixed Ops

Increase Sales and Customer Retention While Spotting & Stopping Defection.

Activate & Activate+ provides real-time notifications when your customers start shopping or looking to service on & off-line. Activate creates a holistic profile® appending digital identifiers to the customers in your CRM. When a digital identifier shows your customer is shopping on a portal, active on your website or their movement data* indicates they’ve arrived at a competitor’s location, your BDC is immediately informed. Activate+ then communicates your dealership’s value prop to them across all mediums.

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Is Badass

Marketing, Attribution & Data Insights All In One Platform.

RoiQ centralizes every marketing medium with industry leading full path attribution across Web + App, driven by match rates often exceeding 80%. Surfacing valuable insights into what local customers have cross-shopped, are looking to trade-in and ultimately buy. Leveraging behavioral indicators not just from the vehicles in your inventory, but across many of your competitor’s websites and well known consumer facing portals like CarGurus,, KBB, AutoTrader & more.

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Lower Your Cost Per Sale

Give a Complete View Of Your Customer

Deliver a Unified Message & Creative Across Every Medium

Move inventory faster with data driving marketing strategies

Deliver a unified brand experience with DealerX.

DealerX is committed to privacy and the responsible use of information.

We strive to promote transparency by creating, publishing, and adhering to privacy policies across our products, services, and practices. We also continually strive to promote responsible use of personal information through the design of our products, ongoing monitoring and auditing, and information security safeguards.